21 years in the planning, I'm finally tackling the big job of house remodeling, and addition of 1,000 square feet to the existing 1,000 square foot home. The results will be a 3rd bedroom and 2nd bathroom in the old, existing part of the house, and a new kitchen, dining room, and living room (all open plan) in the added structure, AND a single car garage!

At this time (Oct. 9th, 2007) the building is dried in, and windows and doors are installed. The building is water tight and securable. The next several months will see me back in the studio filling orders for pottery, and getting ready for visitors during Prescott's open studio tour weekend, November 23rd and 24th, 2007.

May of 1993 saw completio

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Current studio. Built in 1993, it has a clay working room with wheels, a drying room, a glaze room, and guest quarters. Careful consideration in regards to function and flow have really paid off over time. Looking back, I don't see much that could be changed to make it better. Home and studio on the same property with a 50 foot commute!

Renting this "Mini-Excavator" was a fun and challenging new experience for me. Something I've always wanted to try though, and so now here was my chance. By then end of the 2nd day I was in the groove.


Front street view of old driveway, which is now the new building addition site. Studio in the far background.



View from back towards front street. Floor joists are half way done.


Front view again, showing garage floor pre-concrete pour. Red tubing is in-floor radiant heat! Will keep garage from freezing in colder months. Living space in rear will also have in-floor radiant heat. Plan is to use solar panels to supplement gas water heater as heat source.


First frame wall goes up! Retired carpenter Bob Williams and I got the framing done in about 4 weeks.

Living room wall and new entrance, overlooking patio and garden.

Rear of house gets transformed, as building addition joins onto the old house structure.

Patio will be redone, and enlarged after the building is complete. Hopefully by spring of 2008!

Interior view towards living space from garage. Wall separating living space from garage yet to be built at this point.

Detail showing how roof joists were added onto the old structure. Bob Williams expertise was invaluable here!

Street view of house shows exterior nearing completion. Nearly ready for stucco siding.


I believe that half the unhappiness in life comes
from people being afraid to go straight at things.

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