These curved platter forms are slab constructed, then finished with a thrown foot. Wired for hanging, they are especially effective as wall pieces. Some choose to display them in plate stands, or on flat surfaces. The platters are made with stoneware clays, then decorated with wax resist brushwork and multiple glazes. Due to my co-creatorship with the kiln, glaze appearances are never exactly alike. These pieces are reduction fired in a gas kiln to cone 10, or 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. The examples shown on the preceding pages are representative of my current work.


Display Notes

These ceramic pieces are designed to be enjoyed in the following ways:

1: As Artwork Displayed in Hand-Forged Iron Plate Stands.

I have a local blacksmith forge these stands for me. I believe they truly compliment the work, and give the shields a medallion like quality.

No longer available. Please inquire about the folding wooden plate stands that are now offered.

2: As Wall Pieces.

Wired through the foot-rim on the back, with heavy duty picture hanging wire-cable, the piece hangs with its foot-rim flat against the wall. Secure and solid anchoring device required. Weights of these pieces are as follows; 15" shield is 6 pounds, 20" piece is 12 pounds, and the 25" is about 21 pounds.



3: Displayed Laying Flat on a Table.

Perhaps the most traditional way of seeing a plate shaped object, of course would be on a table! Not only will they display nicely there, but you can also put them to work as food service platters! Material is high fired stoneware, quite durable, and no toxic materials of any kind are used. May not fit into your dish washer though, so must be hand washed.







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